Conference Room

conference room1

As a business venue, The Akbar International Hotel has got versatile conference room that goes for the small crowd to the big one. The hotel has the ability to handle a personal meeting, seminar, conference, or some special official occasion.

There are different packages available for different kinds of events that can be held in the Conference hall. The menu has variety too. The availability of WI-FI is also possible.

For the corporate event, there is the capacity of 300 people in the hall. The arrangements will be made on the requests and suggestions of the client. Prices will be charged according to the number of people and the services served.

 Corporate Discount

We also offer our corporate clients in every possible way. The companies wish to have anyevent , conference, or meeting at the Akbar International Hotel can avail the special discount offer.

Advanced reservation is a must thing to make before conducting any event with the hotel. It will make easy for the hotel to make preparations. The experienced event management team takes care of everything that client asks for. They listen to the client’s ideas and add more perfection in them by suggesting new ones.

 Get your Corporate events unforgettable with the Akbar International Hotel!


 The client has to make some payment in advance.

The corporate credit line is a 30 day limit. After that the interest will be charged on the due payment.

We are delighted that you have selected our hotel . On behalf of the entire team at the Hotel Name , I extend you a very warm welcome and trust your stay with us will be both enjoyable and comfortable.

Located in Rawalpindi, Akbar Restaurant has seen 21 years of serving food especially to Victorians and tourists in Pakistan. They serve country and skillet breakfasts, pastas, traditional dinners, appetizers, wraps, etc.

Akbar hotel international is providing you good and impressive presentation on your Memorable occasions and Events,Wedding, Birthday parties, Corporate meetings. All the presentation are arrange on your own demand.

Akbar hotel international is providing the car rental service for our clients or guest to travelling by car can get you places which can be very difficult to reach by public transport or tour. Select the car your own choice, with driver or without driver.Especially if travelling as a couple or a group.