Terms & conditions

Term & condition

The following terms and conditions may apply to all the bookings made through the website and also by visiting the hotel.

The hotel enters into this agreement as principal for Bookings made for the hotels.  These terms and condition shall apply to the Akbar International Hotel always where the terms and conditions of any Contract entered into between a Hotel and a Client are in conflict with these Terms and Conditions the provisions of the Contract will take precedence and shall prevail.

If in any event, any of these Terms and Conditions are in conflict with any law or regulation in any jurisdiction, the said Term(s) and Condition(s) shall be applied in such a manner as to ensure full compliance with such law or regulation.

–   The hotel reserves the right to charge a Deposit on the confirmation of any booking and the agreement in respect thereof. The pre-deposit be required for any occasion will be specified in the agreement.

–   The final balance of all the charges that the client has to pay to the hotel,will be delivered to the client immediately right after the event.

–  The Client will be liable to pay all the charges incurred under the result of accommodating any of his guests, agents, employees,or family members. In that criteria, the hotel will charge all the expenses to the Client’s invoice. If the Client fails in making payment on time then the Hotel will be allowed legally to charge some amount of the interest over the actual amount of Client’s bill.

–   The payment must be cleared by the due date of the payment. It will be mentioned on the Hotel’s invoice to the Client.

We are delighted that you have selected our hotel . On behalf of the entire team at the Hotel Name , I extend you a very warm welcome and trust your stay with us will be both enjoyable and comfortable.

Located in Rawalpindi, Akbar Restaurant has seen 21 years of serving food especially to Victorians and tourists in Pakistan. They serve country and skillet breakfasts, pastas, traditional dinners, appetizers, wraps, etc.

Akbar hotel international is providing you good and impressive presentation on your Memorable occasions and Events,Wedding, Birthday parties, Corporate meetings. All the presentation are arrange on your own demand.

Akbar hotel international is providing the car rental service for our clients or guest to travelling by car can get you places which can be very difficult to reach by public transport or tour. Select the car your own choice, with driver or without driver.Especially if travelling as a couple or a group.